War, Conflict & Global Migration

Creating a kinder and more connected world in response to forced migration and war

The War, Conflict, and Global Migration Think Tank Programme has merged with the former Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Crime and Terrorism Programmes. The goal of this programme is to analyse the interrelated exploitation of human bodies and the environment in the context of war, conflict and global migration.

Nature, conflict and migration are linked in many complex ways: social and political conflict is often an outcome of prolonged drought, resource extraction, agricultural distress and other anthropogenic or natural causes. These environmental and socio-political changes dictate many waves of migration and displacement – putting ‘illegal’ human bodies, including women and children, through extreme exploitative conditions of detention centres and labour camps. This Think Tank hopes to engage with the concept of exploitation in relation to domestic and international refugee law and climate migration.

Through this platform, we coordinate diverse expertise from researchers, advocates and policy-makers on issues of conflict and displacement. We work with researchers to bridge the gap between academia and policy in the areas of refugee law and migrants rights.


Ester Brito

Esther Brito is a Ph.D. Student and Adjunct Instructor at the American University School of International Service. Beyond this, she has a Master’s in Gender, Peace, and Security from the London School of Economics, specializing in genocide and women’s rights. She is a Junior Fellow in the War, Conflict & Global Migration think tank of the Global Research Network, and is the author of the book "Cities and Governance: The Rise of Cities as Global Actors". She serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the IVolunteer International Writers Council, the Education Director of ITSS Verona, and was previously a Global Shaper within The World Economic Forum.