Wael Saghir

Dr Wael Saghir, an innovation maven renowned for his expertise in international business, investment risk management, environmental social governance (ESG) frameworks and in digital transformation. As a visionary consultant, he has pioneered innovative strategies that have transformed businesses across the EMEA region through implementing innovative solutions propelling them to unprecedented levels of success. In academia, he leads groundbreaking initiatives, including directing a master's program in international business, designing a revolutionary-industry based master's module on innovation and consultancy and taking charge of the university’s consultancy services company, experiencing remarkable growth under his guidance. Wael's prolific publications are a testament to his exceptional expertise in the realms of innovation, financial law, and international business. His extensive hands-on experience has honed his skills, positioning him as a foremost authority in the field. These valuable insights, garnered from years of practical work, have not only resulted in multiple publications but have also led to coveted invitations to present his groundbreaking findings at prestigious international conferences. His contributions are actively shaping the landscape of technology innovation and international business, making him a transformative force for the future of innovation and consultancy.