Emily Jones

Dr Emily Jones is a NUAcT Fellow based in Newcastle Law School. Emily's monograph, Feminist Theory and International Law: Posthuman Perspectives, was recently published with Routledge's GlassHouse series. In addition, Emily’s work has been published in several journals including, for example, the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, Global Constitutionalism, Australian Feminist Law Journal, London Review of International Law, Marine Policy and Feminist Legal Studies. Emily is the co-editor (with Rosi Braidotti and Goda Klumbytė) of the More Posthuman Glossary, (Bloomsbury, 2022) as well as the co-author of The Law of War and Peace: A Gender Analysis, Volume One, (Bloomsbury, 2021). Prior to joining Newcastle University, Emily was a Senior Lecturer based in both Essex Law School and the Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex, where she worked from 2017-2022. Emily holds a PhD from SOAS University of London, an MA from University College London (UCL) and an LLB Law degree