Daniela Gandorfer

Special Advisor of Artificial Intelligence

Daniela is a lecturer at University of Westminster and an affiliate of the Ethics Institute at Northeastern University.
Before joining Westminster University, Daniela held postdoc positions at Princeton University and UC Santa Cruz, California. She received her PhD from Princeton University. In addition, she studied and attended programs at UC Berkeley, Utrecht University, Kent Law School, University of Klagenfurt, University of Vienna, NYU, and The New School. Daniela’s research focuses on scientific and technological frontier spaces — such as quantum physics, blockchain technology, and psychedelics — and their implications for emerging modes of normativity and governance. Special interest lies on the possibilities for an ethics of sensing and sense-making (synaesethics) attentive to these phenomena. Daniela is also the co-director of the Logische Phantasie Lab, a non-profit organization dedicated to decentralized and ethical approaches towards normativity at the intersection of climate change, political reorganization, and digital technologies.