Our Partners

The GRN is dedicated to collaborative progress, working hand in hand with organizations, institutions, and individuals who share our vision. By pooling expertise, resources, and ideas, we drive innovation and create lasting impact. We are looking for partners interested in sponsoring programmes, projects and named fellowships (particularly for academics in the Global South, academics at risk, and academics returning to work from caring responsibilities). If you are a funder or looking for a strategic partnership, please get in touch.

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It’s wonderful to have a diverse, resourceful and ambitious community to direct scholars into as they continue their journeys through academia, where there is a real emphasis on making a real difference – in the world, collectively among members and to individual careers. As a multidisciplinary social scientist with a background spanning law, languages, gender studies, philosophy, social research, criminology and health services research myself, I am also delighted to be a part of a network that celebrates and encourages collaborative work on problems that require multiple approaches to identifying and developing appropriate, innovative and achievable solutions.

Dr Heather May Morgan

University of Aberdeen

Graduate studies encourage scholars to specialize to such a degree that we may find we have no immediate colleagues at our own institutions. GRN provides a channel for communicating with other emerging and established scholars whose work complements or even companions our own. As a senior scholar, I have been delighted by conversing with scholars across the generations and disciplines through GRN. It is high time to set aside the romance of the isolated lone scholar: we work, analyze, and create so much better in conversation with bright colleagues. 


Abuse Never Becomes Us UK




Alliance for Animal Law of Asia


Centro de Estudios de Derecho Animal Argentina


Global Animal Law (GAL) Association


Institute of Animal Law Asia (IALA)


Lawyers for Animal Protection in Africa


Minding Animals


Animal Law Italia (ALI)


Animal Law Reform South Africa


Animals & Society Research Initiative


Center for Chilean Animal Law Studies


Observatorio de Derecho Animal Argentina


Restless Beings


We Animals Media


Working Animal Alliance



Working alongside our partners, we have held various events and discussion groups. These joint endeavours serve as a platform for sharing knowledge and networking among esteemed scholars. We aim to organise more conferences, engaging workshops and collaborative papers to further the impact of our research.