The Network launched October 2019 to support young and independent academics around the world. Recognising that the higher education sector is now in an era vastly different to that of the last century, we have created a space that is generous, collegial, and truly diverse. The network is member-based and primarily online. Shortly after launch there were a hundred members in the network, and we are now open to applications from new scholars.

Our Purpose is to become the world’s most diverse community of like-minded people that listens to, supports and connects researchers across boundaries and borders to create real-world change.

The only organisation of its kind, GRN is an active meeting place for early career faculty, researchers, independent scholars and doctoral students interested in new thinking about these issues. Members come from a truly diverse range of backgrounds and higher education institutions. Our common goal is that of connection and collaboration, which is needed more than ever as the greatest problems of the day transcend narrow fields of work.

We seek to support one another in a vocation that can be lonely, isolating, and intensely challenging. The GRN provides a new kind of interdisciplinary and inclusive space, facilitating long-term friendships, creative thinking, and genuine career support. Members are invited to reach out across national and institutional borders, and to share their experiences in life, study, and practice. The Network is for exceptional scholars but it is not elitist. It is inspiring but not intimidating. It offers an abundance of opportunities and perspectives that enrich the scholar, the work, and the field.

We welcome scholars from all disciplines, from BAME (black and minority ethnic) and LDC (least developed country) backgrounds. To promote inclusivity, contributions are kept low and scholars ‘at risk’ and asylum seekers are eligible for free membership. Most universities with a research budgets will reimburse this administration fee for membership. 


‘Under the guidance of Dr Yoriko Otomo, the GRN has proved to be invaluable in helping me to devise my research agenda. Through GRN discussion groups, not only that I can test out my raw ideas, but, more importantly, I can also learn from many others who bring their own fascinating ideas.

‘The GRN has been invaluable for collaboration. The ability to connect with other academics, […] is crucial.’ 

‘I would say that GRN has provided me with amazing writing support, influencing my organization and motivation for both research and paper submission.’

The GRN is a crucial resource for scholars from the global South, connecting them with like-minded colleagues all over the world, enabling collaboration and the forming of strategic transnational research alliances. The GRN provides connections and resources for scholarly communities across the global South that may otherwise feel isolated, bringing them into a supportive and welcoming global network that shares advice and opportunities in a spirit of solidarity and shared research aims and values.

‘It is particularly inspiring, being a true cross-disciplinary and inclusive platform’

‘The Think Tank was key in working on collaborative projects with like-minded academics’

Dr. Wael Saghir


‘Becoming a member of the GRN has been one of the best decisions I made during my PhD’

‘The GRN gives me a wonderful opportunity to expand my academic circle through the delightful online meetings; focus on the frontier development of my research area through the Think Tanks Programmes and strengthen my academic expression through the well-organised monthly writing sessions. I am looking forward to more substantive collaborations on the challenges of technology for the development of international law’