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Book talk: Super Fly with Jonathan Balcombe

  • 4 Dec 2021
  • 15:00
  • Online via Zoom & YouTube Live Stream


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Join us on December 4, 2021, for a thought-provoking talk with Jonathan Balcombe on his fascinating new book Super Fly: The Unexpected Lives of the World’s Most Successful Insects. This event will be presented by the Global Research Network's Animals & Biodiversity Think Tank Programme.

For most of us, the only thing we know about flies is that they’re annoying, and our usual reaction is to try to kill them. In Super Fly, the myth-busting biologist Jonathan Balcombe shows the order Diptera in all of its diversity, illustrating the essential role that flies play in every ecosystem in the world as pollinators, waste-disposers, predators, and food source; and how flies continue to reshape our understanding of evolution. Along the way, he reintroduces us to familiar foes like the fruit fly and mosquito, and gives us the chance to meet their lesser-known cousins like the Petroleum Fly (the only animal in the world that breeds in crude oil) and the Chocolate Midge (the sole pollinator of the Cacao tree). No matter your outlook on our tiny buzzing neighbours, Super Fly will change the way you look at flies forever.

Jonathan Balcombe is a biologist with a PhD in ethology, the study of animal behaviour. His books include Pleasurable Kingdom, Second Nature, The Exultant Ark, and What a Fish Knows—a New York Times best-seller now available in fifteen languages. His latest book for grown-ups, Super Fly, was published in May 2021 by Penguin Books. A children’s story book, Jake and Ava: A Boy and a Fish, is scheduled for publication in November 2021. He lives in southern Ontario where in his spare time he enjoys biking, baking, birding, Bach, and trying to understand the neighbourhood squirrels.

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