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On Race, Conservation and Human Dominion Over Animals: A Conversation with Claire Jean Kim, Dinesh Wadiwel, and Helen Kopnina

  • 15 Sep 2021
  • 22:00 - 23:45
  • Online Via Zoom and YouTube Live Stream


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  • This ticket is for those who wish to attend the Zoom call for the event. If you would like to attend this event but would not like to be recorded, please register for the live stream.

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The fields of conservation and critical race theory might seem far apart at first sight. Recent insights from critical race theory and critical animal studies have shown that oppression against animals and people of non-white colour constitute each other. In other words, one cannot truly understand discrimination against animals outside the racial landscape. In this conversation our speakers will explore these insights, whether similar racial logics operate in the field of conservation through the discourse of, for example, invasive species versus native species, from what vantage point humans construct that discourse, and the importance of categorising animals as “invasive,” “pest,” and so on for conservation-policy.

In the first half of the session, Claire Jean Kim, Dinesh Wadiwel and Helen Kopnina will answer a few questions that will serve as triggering points for an open-ended conversation. The second part of the session will happen without script and will be led by the conversation in itself. Let us see where it leads us.

This conversation is part of The Animal Justice and Animal Politics Conversation Series hosted by the Global Research Network Think Tank, Programme on Animals & Biodiversity, and chaired by Pablo P. Castello, Junior Fellow of the Think Tank, PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, and former researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law.

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