Ensuring Food security in Europe: The EU Farm to Fork Strategy

Grazia Scocca

On May 2020, the European Commission presented the Farm to Fork for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system intending to promote a more safe, robust, resilient and sustainable food system.

The Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F) is the new comprehensive 10-year European plan to drive the transition to a fair, healthy, and environmentally-friendly food system in Europe. The strategy represents the first real EU attempt to design a comprehensive European food policy agenda, regulating each stage of the food chain, from production to distribution to consumption.

The model proposed by the EU used a joint approach to reconcile together food consumption and production with ecological needs and promotion of environmental protection, to make European food systems more sustainable. The farm to fork strategy comes just 6 months later the European Green Deal announcement and the two initiatives are strictly inter-related. The Farm to Fork Strategy stands in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and also aims at raising standards globally, through international cooperation and trade policies so that its ecological transition is not offset by the externalization of unsustainable practices in other regions…

To read the full working paper, download the PDF below: