Ben Clement & Sebastian de la Cour are part of the artistic duo that is ben&sebastian. They will be working on a project that entwines with the work that our Think Tank Programme Leads produce. ‘ben&sebastian’s work questions how gaps in knowledge shape identity and how particular absences, for example in the form of lost objects, incomplete artefacts, or excluded narratives, act upon the imagination.”


Stine is a conceptual artist working to decode violence and law both individually and collectively through participatory means. She lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts with an MFA, and holds a BFA from the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, USA. Stine’s research builds on her art project Law Shifters (2016 -), an interdisciplinary project where artistic experimentation and imagination are key to developing legislative civic engagement. Stine’s work explores how citizens can engage with the laws that govern them and how a constitution can be made more flexible to best lobby their interests.

Olga is a London-based artist, filmmaker, and independent researcher working in the field of animal theory. She is a Film Practice Fellow at the Centre for Film and Ethics, Queen Mary University. Her ongoing project Patterns of Care, considers questions
of personhood, life, and liveness of human and non-human animals, organic and inorganic matter, and their multiplicities, indigenous standpoints, and an examination of the co-evolution of interspecies relations in language, biology, and gesture. Olga is the founder and leader of The Political Animal Group.