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Santiago Valentin
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Walden University

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PhD - Writing Up
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Learning Disabilities
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Reading Disabilities
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Applied Behavior Analysis
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Curriculum Writer
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CTE high school educators perspectives about strengthening informational text instruction

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UN Beijing +25 Advisory Group, World Bank Group, The Center for Building Resilient Communities, Climate Reality Project, Atlantic Climate Justice Alliance,


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Learning Disabilities Specialist, Global Researcher, Doctoral Candidate of Education (Reading, Literacy and Assessment). Maria’s 1999 Univerity of Puerto Rico Literary Translation M.A. of "Le nègre et l’amiral" (French-Spanish) of Dr Raphaël Confiant was chosen as reference for a 2019 Traductology Doctoral Dissertation at the Université de la Sorbonne-Paris 3 under the direction of Dr Corinne Mencé-Caster. 2003-2007 Maria and one of her daughters were plaintiffs in the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding. Maria presented "An Overview of the Neurological Base of Bipolar Disorder" at the 2018 Global Mental Health Congress in France, published by the British Journal of Childhood & Development Disorders and the Belgian Longdom Journal. Her eBook: "Bipolar Disorder Etiology and Treatment Overview: Mindfulness, Medication, Digital Psychiatry and Classroom Accommodations" won 2019-1st Place (Special Needs-Disability Awareness Category) at the International Royal Dragonfly Book Awards and International recognition with WELUM in Copenhague, Denmark. She collaborates with O.a.b.i. founded in Trinidad Tobago by Sherna A. Benjamin and as Education and Research Associate for The Center for Building Resilient Communities of New Jersey. Since September 2020, she is a Researcher for the World Bank. Maria is a Climate Reality Project Leader, Mentor, and Trainer. She is Co-Author (Chapter 24 Climate Crisis and Education) of "Climate Abandoned", an anthology edited by Jill Cody, Co-Founder of the Atlantic Climate Justice Alliance, and Madrina / Consultant and Board Advisor of

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