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Civil war, mass atrocity, and sexual violence: the WPS agenda and the future of global conflict
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Esther Brito Ruiz is a Master’s Graduate in Women, Peace and Security at the London School of Economics, specializing in genocide cases and women’s rights. She was previously a Global Shaper within The World Economic Forum. Esther co-founded the Empowering Diversity in Tech and Entrepreneurship (EDiTS) initiative to increase diversity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She has also served as the Conflict, Security and Crime Student Research Committee at IAPSS, researching security issues and being a Teaching Assistant at the Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth (CTY). Esther currently works as a researcher at the IESE Business School in Spain in governance. Beyond this, she is a regular contributor to international media outlets, such as the Harvard Kennedy School Review, The Diplomat, the Penn Political Review, and The Geopolitics. Esther has lived and studied in 6 countries across four continents and is passionate about generating positive social impact.

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