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I am a member of the Policy Council of Liberty and a coordinating editor at Feminist Legal Studies


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Patricia Tuitt is a legal academic working within the field of postcolonial studies. Formerly Professor and Dean of the School of Law at Birkbeck, University of London, she now curates an online resource ( consisting of academic articles, book reviews and blog posts. Her publications include the monographs: False Images: Law’s Construction of the Refugee (1996) and Race, Law, Resistance (2004). She is co-editor of Critical Beings: Law, Nation and the Global Legal Subject (2004) and Crime Fiction and the Law (2016). Recently published articles include Academic Judgement and the Force of Law ( 2018), Walter Benjamin, Race and the Critique of Rights (Griffith Law Review, 2019), and European Empires in Conflict: The Brexit Years (Law and Critique, 2020).

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