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Marine Lercier

Autonomous University of Barcelona


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Autonomous University of Barcelona

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Protecting the welfare and rights of racehorses at the end of their careers and until the end of their lives.
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PhD candidate in Animal Law and predoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (P.I.F.), where I taught Animal Law & Roman Law. I am also a Fellow of the Animals & Biodiversity Think Tank programme at the Global Research Network (GRN) and a Global Animal Law (GAL) Association Expert. I am proud to have run in the last parliamentary elections in France (2022) for the Animalist Party because animal rights advocacy also means representing their interests in the political arena, where they are particularly invisibilised and regularly ridiculed by our representatives to prevent any substantial progress.
I am a French international human rights-humanitarian law and animal rights law researcher and advocate. I initially specialised in International Public Law and European Law (human rights law, humanitarian law, international criminal law, transitional justice, comparative constitutional law and the rule of law, international economic law and international environmental law, among others).
After an international experience in Human Rights Law, Humanitarian Law, and Transitional Justice, I earned a Master’s Degree in Animal Law & Society with honours at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where I focused my research on EU and French Equine Law and Racehorse Welfare. I wished to complete my training with the ambition of researching animal law and advocating for and implementing animal rights in addition to human rights after I became aware of the interweaving and overlapping of an immeasurable number of issues not only arising from human-animal relations and the exploitation of fellow animals but also quite simply affecting us all in relation to everyday human-animal health and welfare regarding present and accelerating future threats.
My PhD research focuses on Global Animal Law, Animal Labour, and Racehorse Welfare with the aim of improving the welfare of racehorses and their protection at the end of their career. I am particularly interested in global animal (rights) law, the legal status and legal rights of animals, animal labour studies, fundamental and labour rights for animals, intersectionality and social justice. In addition, I am concerned with the impact of wars, climate change, and natural and human-induced disasters on fellow animals, and I am particularly committed to the enforcement of core welfare rights for all animals recognised as subjects of rights and no longer as appropriable, consumable or destructible resources.

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