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Antoine Ibrahim
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Qatar University

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Transboundary Aquifers between International Groundwater Law and the Right to Water: Reconsidering the Entire Harmonization Debate of International Water Law

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gLAWcal-Global Law Initiative for Sustainable Development


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Imad Antoine Ibrahim is a Research Assistant, at the Center for Law and Development (CLD), College of Law, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar. He is also a Research Associate at gLAWcal – Global Law Initiative for Sustainable Development, Essex, United Kingdom and a Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Center for Innovation in Gas Research and Utilization (CIGRU) & Institute of Water Security and Science (IWSS), West Virginia University, United States. He has been working on global environmental issues from a legal perspective and their interplay with other fields such as emerging technologies for the last five to six years where he spent three of them working on European commission projects in China on topics related to Climate change, energy, and environmental protection. He is currently involved in several projects related to natural resources management from a legal perspective and their interconnection with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in places such as South Africa, MENA region, Central Asia, and China. Previously, he was a visiting researcher at the Environmental Law Institute (ELI), Washington, DC, United States, a Junior Fellow in the Global Research Network Think Tank, United Kingdom, an Early Stage Researcher at the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), Rotterdam, the Netherlands, a resident research fellow at the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research – CUNCR, Brussels, Belgium, an Energy policy expert at the Lebanese Oil & Gas Initiative – LOGI, Beirut Lebanon, an EU commission Marie Curie Fellow at Tsinghua University School of Law, THCEREL—Center for Environmental, Natural Resources & Energy Law, at the CRAES—Chinese Research Academy on Environmental Sciences in Beijing (China) and at the Business School, Research Center for Climate Change and Trade and at Beijing Normal University. He also worked as a researcher in several European and Italian institutes and universities such as the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE) and Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale, Novara. Imad was a trainee lawyer at the Jad Law Firm reviewing international conventions related to conventional energy. He holds a Phd in Law from the Institute of Law, Politics and Development (DIRPOLIS), Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy; a master in European Interdisciplinary Studies, from the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium, and a Bachelor in Law from the Lebanese University “Filiere Francophone de Droit”, Beirut, Lebanon.

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