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  • 23 Nov 2019 21:46 | Tom Nichols (Administrator)

    Dear GRN Members,

    On Sunday 24th November at around 9am GMT, I will be working with our Web Developer Khris to apply some updates to the website.

    Our roadmap for development of the website is that when the initial rebranding is in place, we will be developing the Think Tank pages in collaboration with our newly appointed Fellows and Junior Fellows.

    Thank you for your patience while we carefully put these things in place, and if you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us.

    Dr Tom Nichols
    Technical Director

  • 14 Oct 2019 17:23 | Tom Nichols (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    We've been working behind the scenes to get the membership fee payment system up to date, and as of now you should be able to find a new button on your Profile, allowing you to renew and pay for your annual membership.

     The renewal button looks like this:

    If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • 30 Sep 2019 21:35 | Yoriko Otomo (Administrator)

    Olga is a London-based artist, filmmaker, and independent researcher working within the field of animal theory. She is a Film Practice Fellow at the Centre for Film and Ethics, Queen Mary University. Her research interests, marked out in the ongoing project Patterns of Care, include questions of personhood, life, and liveness of human and non-human animals, organic and inorganic matter, and their multiplicities, indigenous standpoints, and an examination of the co-evolution of interspecies relations in language, biology, and gesture. Olga is the founder and leader of The Political Animal Group.‚Äč During her residency she will be undertaking artistic collaborations with our members:

  • 29 Sep 2019 21:59 | Tom Nichols (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    Thank you all for engaging in the original forms of GRN.Global.  For the past few months, Dr Otomo has been listening to your feedback and forming a plan for how best the Network can serve your needs.

    We are delighted to present the new website for the network, hosted by a service called Wild Apricot which you can access via the web on or through the "Wild Apricot for Members" app.


    You will receive emails in the near future prompting you to log in for the first time, generate a new password for yourself and review your profile which we have partially completed based on the information you gave us in the original Sign Up Form.

    To make it easier for others to connect with you, please take the time to fill out your profile as much as possible, and consider which subscription you would like to take up when your membership fee becomes due at the end of October.

    The forum pages will be opened up very soon, and we look forward to hearing from you all.


Global Research Network, Canterbury,
United Kingdom

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