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Upcoming events

    • 4 Dec 2021
    • 15:00
    • Online via Zoom & YouTube Live Stream

    Book Talk SUPER FLY.png

    Join us on December 4, 2021, for a thought-provoking talk with Jonathan Balcombe on his fascinating new book Super Fly: The Unexpected Lives of the World’s Most Successful Insects. This event will be presented by the Global Research Network's Animals & Biodiversity Think Tank Programme.

    For most of us, the only thing we know about flies is that they’re annoying, and our usual reaction is to try to kill them. In Super Fly, the myth-busting biologist Jonathan Balcombe shows the order Diptera in all of its diversity, illustrating the essential role that flies play in every ecosystem in the world as pollinators, waste-disposers, predators, and food source; and how flies continue to reshape our understanding of evolution. Along the way, he reintroduces us to familiar foes like the fruit fly and mosquito, and gives us the chance to meet their lesser-known cousins like the Petroleum Fly (the only animal in the world that breeds in crude oil) and the Chocolate Midge (the sole pollinator of the Cacao tree). No matter your outlook on our tiny buzzing neighbours, Super Fly will change the way you look at flies forever.

    Jonathan Balcombe is a biologist with a PhD in ethology, the study of animal behaviour. His books include Pleasurable Kingdom, Second Nature, The Exultant Ark, and What a Fish Knows—a New York Times best-seller now available in fifteen languages. His latest book for grown-ups, Super Fly, was published in May 2021 by Penguin Books. A children’s story book, Jake and Ava: A Boy and a Fish, is scheduled for publication in November 2021. He lives in southern Ontario where in his spare time he enjoys biking, baking, birding, Bach, and trying to understand the neighbourhood squirrels.

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    • 26 Jan 2022
    • 18:30
    • Online via Zoom & YouTube Live Stream
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    The 1st Annual Roundtable organized by the International Trade, Investment and Corporate Governance Think Tank programme at the Global Research Network will address Digital Poverty and Cashless Societies. Our guest speakers will discuss how the pandemic has accelerated the move towards a more digitally-centred world, its impact on digital poverty and the ways in which tech companies can play a positive role. This event is organised by Dr Wael Saghir and hosted by Dr Dimitrios Kafternais and Ibukun Lyiola-Omisore.

    Speaker Bios

    Dr. Fabio S Dias is a Lecturer of Finance and Econometrics at the University of Surrey, Guildford (UK). Prior to this role he worked as a Senior Manager for the Analytics & Modelling Team of Lloyds Banking Group and as a Vice President for the Front Office Technology at Credit Suisse. Currently his main research focus is the use of quantum information science to enhance financial stress testing and pricing of derivatives.

    Dr. Marco Jacquemet teaches courses in communication and culture, intercultural communication, geographies of communication, and justice and social change at the University of San Francisco. His scholarship focuses on the communicative mutations produced by the circulation of migrants and media idioms in the Mediterranean area. His more recent book project is called Transidioma: Language and Power in the 21st Century. He is also present in Italian media activist networks, where he investigates the link between media and power.

    Chantal Maritz
    Partner: Strategy&

    Chantal Maritz is a Partner in Strategy& (part of the PwC Consulting network) with over 20 years’ experience in delivering Industry transforming projects. She drives sustainable change at Industry level, particularly across the Digital Community, Financial Services and Regulatory Change.
    Chantal leads the Payments Transformation practice for PwC Africa and her core focus is on assisting Clients in defining new strategies, new markets and business models to move into white spaces and create unique customer experiences and to embrace innovation opportunities and partnerships presented by the Digital ecosystems.
    Chantal has global experience advising Central Banks, Banks, Fintechs, Technology Service Providers, Governments, Telco’s, Payment Operators and Payment Associations on various elements across their Digital transformation and payments modernisation journeys.
    Chantal is currently leading a few country transformational engagements across the South African Industry to support payments modernisation and digitisation, notably the Rapid Payments Programme, Digital Identity - The South African Narrative and the Establishment of the new Payments Industry Body.
    Chantal is the Africa Territory Leader for the New World New Skills Initiative for PwC and leads cross functional teams in solving critical problems for Clients who are faced with workforce transformation and digital upskilling challenges. Workers and leaders are more aware than ever of the impact automation and technology will have on them, and each client may require a different level of intervention, from strategy to implementation methods, to help them solve this people-centric transformation brought on by digital technologies and the workforce of the future.

    Chantal is driven by creating sustainable outcomes for her Clients by delivering programmes that address fundamental societal challenges like financial inclusion, and access to basic citizen services like identity and education.

Past events

16 Nov 2021 Policy Writing Workshop III, With Anisa Abeytia and U Bava Dharani
15 Nov 2021 On Animal Agriculture: A Conversation with Kathryn Gillespie and Jan Dutkiewicz
12 Nov 2021 Ideas in Progress Seminar Series: Human Rights in South America
5 Nov 2021 Female Migrant Labourers and COVID-19 in Asia
29 Oct 2021 "Rhino People" Documentary Viewing
21 Oct 2021 International Conference: Changing Contours of the Discrimination Discourse
15 Oct 2021 A Conversation on Animals, Colonialism, and Disability with Chloë Taylor and Kelly Struthers Montford
6 Oct 2021 Book Talk: 'Animals as Legal Beings: Contesting Anthropocentric Legal Orders' with Maneesha Deckha
1 Oct 2021 Roundtable on the Legal Personhood of Non-human Animals: Perspectives from Latin America (in Spanish)
17 Sep 2021 Listening to the Zoo, with Dr Tom Rice (University of Exeter)
17 Sep 2021 Friday Tea Time II: Art Sharing, presented by the War, Conflict & Global Migration Programme
15 Sep 2021 On Race, Conservation and Human Dominion Over Animals: A Conversation with Claire Jean Kim, Dinesh Wadiwel, and Helen Kopnina
14 Sep 2021 Book Talk: man @the_airport, by Hassan Al Kontar
10 Sep 2021 Legislative Measures Against Discrimination: Do anti-discrimination laws ever work?
8 Sep 2021 The Tiny House: A Minimalist Perspective?
6 Sep 2021 Underrepresentation in International Arbitration: Challenges of Arbitrator representation from the Global South countries
21 Aug 2021 Roundtable: Addressing Individual Animal Interests within the Zoo
18 Aug 2021 The Ground and Future of Ecofeminism: An Animal Conversation with Lori Gruen
17 Aug 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
10 Aug 2021 Monthly Think Tank Meeting - August 10
3 Aug 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
28 Jul 2021 The Past, Present, and Future of Wildlife Trade Regulation, with Juan Carlos Vasquez from CITES UNEP
20 Jul 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
18 Jul 2021 Exclusive Craft Chocolate Tasting with Cocoa Runners
16 Jul 2021 Friday Tea Time: Conflict Mapping and Creative Writing Sharing
6 Jul 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
30 Jun 2021 Panel Discussion: Financial Crime and Whistleblowing in the Digital Age
24 Jun 2021 Salon Discussion Series: Self-Care and Mental Health at the University
15 Jun 2021 Policy Writing Workshop II
15 Jun 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
1 Jun 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
31 May 2021 Panel Discussion: Event on Caste and Hindutva in the (other) Diaspora
28 May 2021 Seminar Series: ‘Ideas in Progress’, hosted by the Human Rights, Family and Gender Think Tank Programme
26 May 2021 Research Discussion Group F Meeting - May 2021
18 May 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
15 May 2021 Research Discussion Group C Meeting - May 2021
4 May 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
2 May 2021 GRN May 2021 Monthly Coffeehouse Meet-up 3
2 May 2021 GRN May 2021 Monthly Coffeehouse Meet-up 2
2 May 2021 GRN May 2021 Monthly Coffeehouse Meet-up 1
1 May 2021 Roundtable on Animal Labour in a Multispecies Society: a social justice issue?
27 Apr 2021 Book Talk: Law, Migration and Precarious Labour with Anastasia Tataryn
26 Apr 2021 Impact Research: A Journey from Collaboration to Making a Difference
20 Apr 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
15 Apr 2021 Policy Writing Workshop I
9 Apr 2021 Social Media for Academics: How to Leverage Twitter and YouTube for Impact
26 Mar 2021 Roundtable on Animal Legal Personhood: perspectives from continental law
25 Mar 2021 Book Talk: 'Postcolonial Thought and Social Theory' by Julian Go
11 Mar 2021 Social Media for Academics: How to Leverage Facebook and Instagram for Impact
2 Mar 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve? (5:00 PM UK Time)
2 Mar 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve? (09:00 AM UK Time)
26 Feb 2021 Book Talk: 'Feral Atlas' with Anna Tsing
11 Feb 2021 Social Media for Academics: How to Leverage LinkedIn and Personal Webpages for Impact
8 Feb 2021 Personal Branding: How to Manage Your Online Research Profile in a Post-COVID19 World
28 Jan 2021 Book Talk: The Activist Academic
15 Jan 2021 GAL Experts Discussion: UNCAHP for a better world for animals?
12 Jan 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
12 Jan 2021 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
19 Dec 2020 Q&A: What Does Membership Involve?
15 Dec 2020 Writing for Peer-Reviewed Journals: A Workshop run by Dr Yoriko Otomo & Dr Alexander Stingl
8 Dec 2020 The Future of Academia: What's Next For Early Career Academics?
27 Nov 2020 Climate & Energy Open Forum
27 Nov 2020 Human Rights, Family & Gender Open Forum
26 Nov 2020 Animals & Biodiversity Open Forum
26 Nov 2020 Crime & Terrorism Open Forum
17 Nov 2020 War, Conflict & Global Migration Open Forum
14 Aug 2020 Innovation in Research Workshop with Laura Gelder-Robertson
17 Jul 2020 Research Innovation Workshop
21 Jan 2020 New Year’s Get-together at Busaba Bloomsbury
2 Oct 2019 GRN Launch Event
9 Sep 2019 GRN Webinar: Giving conference papers with impact
19 Aug 2019 GRN Webinar "Creating a winning publication strategy"
12 Aug 2019 GRN Webinar "Planning an Awesome Academic Career"
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