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Upcoming events

    • 28 Jan 2021
    • 08:30 - 09:30 (PST)
    • Online via Zoom

    In an era of corporate media and "alternative facts," academics committed to justice cannot simply rely on disseminating new knowledge via traditional forms such as research journals and University Presses. Instead, Eric DeMeulenare and Colette Cann, authors of the Academic Activist, argue for a new vision of academic research — one that focuses on material and ideological social change.  In this webinar, Eric and Colette will read from their book on engaged, public scholarship as well as offer frameworks, methods and examples of activist research. They invite scholars at all stages of their careers to engage in a dialogue about how to conduct research committed to justice.

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    • 8 Feb 2021
    • 17:00 - 18:00 (UTC-00:00)
    • Online via Zoom

    Are you looking for a job, or preparing for a promotion? Do you want to collaborate with other academics, or with the industry? Is your work calling to get out to the general public? Will you be reaching out to grant-making bodies?

    In a post-COVID world, universities have moved largely online. Research - both individual and collaborative - now takes place on the internet. The push by universities for academics to internationalise, too, means that we must now create networks and collaborations beyond our institutional and national borders.

    Come along and learn how to level up your online profile - we'll be giving out lots of easy tips, secrets and practical advice to help you dramatically improve your academic reach.

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