About Us

The Global Research Network (GRN) formed in early 2019, and launched in October, responding to a need for genuine support for emerging scholars around the world.  Recognising that academia has transitioned into a new era vastly different to that of the last century, we have created a space that is generous, collegial, and truly diverse.

The GRN is entirely online. Members can be based anywhere; have a strong online presence; are supported; have access to good information, and make meaningful connections with other scholars.

We welcome scholars from all disciplines and from BAME (black and minority ethnic) and LDC (least developed country) backgrounds. To promote inclusivity, contributions are kept low (from £2.50 per month) and scholars ‘at risk’ and asylum seekers are eligible for free membership.

Shortly after launch there were a hundred members in the network, and we are now open to applications from new scholars. There are currently 35 countries represented at the GRN, and we hope to have academics from every single country and ethnic group represented here in 2020.

We are developing our Think Tanks with our fantastic team of professionals to amplify the work of our members and fill a gap in the global policy sphere for a diversity of intellectual voices.

In conversation with our members, we also pro-actively connect members with one another; host webinars to support academic success; run monthly writing groups to help members meet their thesis/publication goals, and hold online ‘coffeehouse’ meet-ups in different time zones for academics to socialise and network.

Over the past year our wonderful team have been working hard to bring this vision to light. We are all excited about the benefits reaped by our members so far, and look forward to working with you all into 2020.

Dr. Yoriko Otomo

Global Research Network, Canterbury,
United Kingdom

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