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The environmental, economic, political, and social crises we face today have one thing in common: they are replicated in every jurisdiction and are produced by forces that extend globally. They require deep analysis, lateral thinking, and innovative problem-solving.

The only organisation of its kind, the GRN is an active online meeting place for early career faculty, researchers and doctoral students interested in new thinking about these issues. Members come from a truly global diverse range of backgrounds and higher education institutions. Our common goal is collaboration, which is needed more than ever as the greatest problems of the day transcend narrow fields of work. We also seek to support one another in a vocation that can be lonely, isolating, and intensely challenging.

The GRN provides a new kind of interdisciplinary and inclusive space, facilitating long-term friendships, creative thinking, and genuine career support. Members are invited to reach out across national and institutional borders, and to share their experiences in life, study, and practice. The Network is for exceptional scholars but it is not elitist. It is inspiring but not intimidating. It offers an abundance of opportunities and perspectives that enrich the scholar, the work, and the field.

As a member, you can connect through our annual seminar series, workshops, webinars, Research Discussion Groups, and online coffeehouse meet-ups. Members can apply to become associates of a programme in our Think Tank, and publish with us. Members maintain their own profile with our support (including videos).

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The GRN helps support disadvantaged scholars from all over the world


We at the GRN understand that there has been inconsistent support during the COVID-19 crisis for international students undertaking their PhDs, and encourage universities to urgently:

Grant extensions to candidates for the length of any lockdown

Waive accommodation & tuition fees for the duration of any lockdown (as most services are halted and most international students are not on campus out of choice)

Where students are living off-campus, to provide financial support towards their accommodation costs for the duration of any lockdown

This will go some way towards alleviating the significant stress and anxiety being suffered by students during the pandemic

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