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The Global Research Network Think Tank is an independent non-profit run by academics. Since our launch at the Royal Society of Arts in London in 2019, we have created a movement of scholars who are connecting across political and disciplinary borders to make an impact.


By connecting researchers with purpose, we can amplify your work to create a safer, more peaceful, and more equitable world. Join one of our programmes: Animals & BiodiversityDigital Culture, Finance & Ecological Sustainability, or War, Conflict & Migration. We welcome artists to come and lead or participate in projects through our Artists in Residence programme.

Our knowledge transfer activities include collaborative research with NGOs, government bodies and businesses; publications; events; consulting, and hosting interns who are interested in research careers. Come join us by becoming a member, a university partner, or an organisational collaborator. 

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Model Law for Fish Welfare

Our Animals & Biodiversity Programme team is working on a model law for fish welfare. The team (led by Wasseem Emam) consists of fish welfare scientists and marine and fish welfare legal experts. We are working in partnership with other organisations.

Digital Inclusion - Policy Paper Series

Our War, Conflict & Migration Programme team is working on a policy paper series around digital inclusion. This is particularly important for our colleagues in the Global South, where access to up-to-date research can be limited.

Mapping Food Production and Biodiversity in Africa

Our Animals & Biodiversity Programme team is developing a spatial model of where the most biodiverse regions of Africa overlap with regions that are key to food production. This is an interdisciplinary project consisting of remote sensing and spatial planning experts, working with anthropologists, ecologists and lawyers.

Upcoming Events 

Adressing the Street Dog Dilemma

This event will dive into the Street Dog Dilemma and explore how penal perspectives can tackle this issue in the Global South. Speakers in this discussion include Altamush Saeed, Varnika Singh, Claudia Andrade, and Khageshwaar Sharma Bhattarai.

The Impact of AI On Research​

Our Digital Culture, Finance & Ecological Sustainability Programme team is leading our whole-of-Think Tank event, to be held in May 2024. We will be welcoming experts and academics to this discussion which will be hosted by one of our partner universities.​

World Moot on Public International Law and Animal Rights

The GRN is an international host for the world's first mooting competition on animal rights law, held at a number of partner universities acting as regional hosts. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.


Female Migrant Labourers & Covid-19 in Asia

The panel speakers introduced the different female labour migration networks that operate in the Global South. Such as South Asian female domestic helpers in the Gulf, Southeast Asian domestic workers in Singapore, etc. Panel speakers are Shaddin (Member of War, conflict and Global migration think tank), Dr Divya Balan, U Bava Dharani. The panel was moderated by Jasmin.

Roundtable Animal Legal Personhood

Including ACTAsia and IALA speakers : Padma Vebkataraman, Catherine Besch, Hira Jaleel, and Mo Honjo. The increasingly widely established discipline of Animal Rights Law is often discussed from an Anglo-American perspective. It is critical to move towards more diversity, knowledge transfer, and exchange of ideas in Animal Law. With the support of our partners ACTAsia and The Institute of Animal Law Asia, the Animals and Biodiversity Think Tank Programme hosted a roundtable to this end.

Climate In/ Justice & Marginal Communities

With explicit changes in climate and its effects being observed more conspicuously, it is found that the impacts are faced majorly by the frontline troops comprised of socially disadvantaged and marginal communities around the globe, especially from the Global South. Focused on how marginal/native/indigenous communities around the world are adapting/reducing their exposure to disasters and raising awareness about the importance of reining in the risks that they face.

The Global Research Network is a registered Community Interest Company (a non-profit organisation) incorporated under the Companies Act 2006: 14993226.