Hemant Tripathi

Dr. Tripathi is a dedicated biodiversity professional with over 11 years of cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary experience in the field of ecology and environment. He earned his Master of Science in Environmental Botany from the University of Mumbai and later pursued a PhD in Ecology & Environment from the University of Edinburgh, where his research focused on the biodiversity of African savanna woodlands and the impact of land use changes. Hemant has conducted field research and data analysis in numerous countries, including Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, India, and Scotland. Currently, he is a FoSTA Health Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, studying the effects of agriculture on human, animal, and environmental health in southern Africa using advanced technology and data analysis to understand species distribution and land use patterns. In addition to this fellowship, Hemant works as a GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist at Thryve.Earth, developing tools for analysing land use and deforestation risk. He is a co-founder of Dtime Limited, a data science company, helping to grow the search engine platform dtechtive.com.