We offer tangible support to members who are interested in collaboration. There are many ways of getting involved – in existing projects; by undertaking interviews; participating in a workshop or panel discussion, and by teaching together. Many of the initial connections are made at our coffeehouse meetings. Collaboration can be casual – commenting on one other’s work at a Research Discussion Group or writing a blog post together – or quite formal, resulting in a book project, or a fully-developed grant proposal. Our Think Tank offers a platform for every interested member to get involved in real-world projects that have impact, and we support members in all aspects of their work together.

Exclusive Member

You can read more about our events on our dedicated Events page. The network events have been very well attended, and very productive.

Most of our events are held online because of the global nature of the network, but we have also had a series of really enjoyable in-person social events periodically, and as well as our formal events we have at times run a series of coffeehouse meetings to bring members together.

Research Discussion

Our Research Discussion Groups have traditionally taken place on different days of the week and at different times, so if you are interested in getting feedback on draft work or chatting with others about ideas for research projects, there should be one in a timezone that suits you.

Publishing Support

Publish or perish…it can be difficult to get your first peer-reviewed article published, and even more difficult if English is not your first language. We’re here to help, with the option of submitting a draft paper prior to our Research Discussion Groups for review and comment; writing clinics that you can bring your work along to, and if it’s on a topic related to one of our Think Tank programmes, you can publish your initial thoughts as a blog post, develop it into a Working Paper (both of which we edit for you and publish on our website), and then turn it into a full submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

Download our Member Brochure to find out more about becoming a member of the GRN